Degree Related

  • 2022 – Vanth: An Iconograpical Study of an Etruscan Psychopomp. Master of Arts cum laude. (Supervisor: Dr. Samantha Masters, Stellenbosch University) [Download]

Book Chapters

  • Forthcoming 2024A Reflection on the Representations of Persephone in Contemporary Fantasy Art. In Persephone in Love: Persephone and Hades in Popular Culture. Editors: Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts and Dr Aimee Hinds Scott.

Conferences and Seminars

  • 2023Vanth: Erinys, Fury or Psychopomp? (34th Conference of the Classical Association of South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa)
  • 2023Rediscovering the Etruscans: Examining Etruscan Elements in Victorian Painting (古代世界研究会2023年サマーセミナー | Ancient World Research Society 2023 Summer Seminar)
  • 2021Snake, Staff and Torch – Vanth Guides the Way (Stellenbosch University Ancient Studies Postgraduate Seminar)