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After hearing about Rebecca Guay’s SmART School, I got rather excited about the idea of studying online. As it stands, most of the classes on SmART School are unavailable to me because EST afternoon is midnight Japan Time, and EST evenings is usually work day mornings over here. So, I went digging to see if I could find anything else that might work out until I can make other arrangements with my job and visa here. I figured that other artists might want to know what I managed to rustle up, so here you go. (But SmART School… one day… *fangirl sigh*)

Have any of you attended these schools? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Disclaimer: I haven’t attended any of these courses, and I’m not saying anything about their value etc. This is also not a conclusive list of online courses; only those that were of interest to me.


Creatures of Amalthea

Instructors: Terryl Whitlatch

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: Documentation and videos

Costs: Free!!

Feedback: No

Courses: Foundation, Drawing, Coloring


Lamp Post Guild

Instructors: Justin Gerard, Chris Koelle & Cory Godbey

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: Video, documents, quizzes, assignments

Costs: $99 per course

Feedback: Only from other students

Courses: The Craft of Illustration, Graphic Storytelling, The Art of Personal Work



Instructors: Patrick Devonas (ARC Living Master) & Dorien Iten

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: 1-on-1 Video Skype Sessions, alternating instructors (1 hour duration)

Costs: 1 Session €120 / 2 Sessions €220 / 3 Sessions €300

Feedback: Yes

Courses: Completely personalized to student.

New Masters Academy

New Masters Academy

Instructors: Glenn Vilppu, Steve Huston, Ed Fraughton, Juliette Aristides, Eric Michael Wilson, Danny Galieote, Sheldon Borenstein, Erik Olson, Kamille Corey & Joe Weatherly.

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: Video

Costs: $20 ~ $40 / month (various billing plans available)

Feedback: Yes (Instructor Q & A)

Courses: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Composition, Anatomy & 3D content


Instructors: Anthony Jones, Kalen Chock, Dan McGowan

Self-Paced: No

Delivery: Video Lessons & Live Online Classes

Costs: $500 / 1 month basic mentorship OR $1000 / 2 month premium mentorship

Feedback: Yes

Courses: Character Design, Environment Design, 3D Environment Design, Intellectual Property Development


Instructors: Alex Woo, Andrew Hou, Bobby Chiu, Daniel Arriaga, Dice Tsutsumi, Jason Seiler, Louis Gonzales, Nathan Fowkes, Robert Kondo, Sam Nielson, Stephen Silver, Terryl Whitlatch & Thomas Fluharty

Self-Paced: Yes & No

Delivery: Video

Costs: $12 / month subscription for non-feedback OR roughly $1000 / course

Feedback: Yes & No

Courses: Gesture Drawing, Painting Creatures, Environment Design, Fundamentals of Lighting


SmART School

Instructors: Anita Kunz, Donato Giancola, Todd Lockwood, Scott Fischer, Dan DosSantos, Greg Manchess, Rebecca Leveille-Guay, Marc Scheff & Teresa N Fischer

Self-Paced: No

Delivery: Online Classes

Costs: $975 ~ $2500 / course

Feedback: Yes

Courses: Full Mentorship Classes, Boot Camp Basics 101, Beginning Illustration 102, Intro to Oil Painting


Society of Visual Storytelling

Instructors: Will Terry, Jake Parker, Lee White, Therese Larsson, Brandon Jeffords, Guy Francis, Ty Carter, Jose Cua & Jim Madsen

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: Video & PDF workbooks with assignments

Costs: Individual courses vary OR subscription for all access ($14 / month or $120 / year)

Feedback: No, unless access to live classes is purchased additionally.

Courses: Painting Fur and Hair, Drawing Comics, Painting Color & Light, Mastering Perspective, Creative Composition etc.

wattsWatts Atelier Online

Instructors: Jeffrey Watts (ARC Living Master), Eric Gist, Ben Young, Lucas Graciano, Meadow Gist, Robert Watts & Jim Hahn

Self-Paced: Yes

Delivery: Videos

Costs: $100 ~ $700 / month depending on level of involvement 

Feedback: Only from $300 / month upwards

Courses: Drawing, Painting and Master Classes

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