Bonsai from Mikuni

I found myself looking over some photos that my mother took when my parents were over here in Japan in April and May. My father has always been a bonsai fan, and one of the earliest exposures I had of Japan was from a bonsai book that we had at home. I think that I might try and work of few of these into my drawings and painting, but for now they are just too cool not to share.

IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8201 IMG_8204 IMG_8208 IMG_8213 IMG_8198 IMG_8199

Awara Iris Festival

Every year my city holds an iris festival up near Lake Kitagata. There are over 150 different varieties on display in the iris garden, many of them for sale to casual gardeners and visitors alike. This year I decided that I’d try and grab a few photos to use at references at some point or another. Enjoy.

P.S. These are not public domain but if you want to use some for a painting just drop me a note and ask. I don’t bite.

2015-06-14 10.47.24 2015-06-14 10.47.36

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Ghost Samurai

Ghost Samurai by Bronwen MacDonald (2015)
Ghost Samurai by Bronwen MacDonald (2015) [Pencils by Ikan Art]

Title: Ghost Samurai

Medium: Ink on paper

Size: A4 (unframed)

For Sale: Yes (note that original has pale blue pencil sketch under the ink work)

Prints: No

Watercolour Postcards

I haven’t had much time to work on my pencil renderings with the kids at home for the holidays so I’ve been messing around with watercolours on postcards. I think they’ve turned out rather well.

Koi-Watercolour Mandala-watercolour-3 Snowflake-Watercolour-2 Snowflake-Ornaments-1

Nengajo 2014

Nengajo 2014 by Bronwen MacDonald (2014)
Nengajo 2014 by Bronwen MacDonald (2014)


Title: Nengajo 2014

Medium: Coloured pencil on paper

Size:25 × 29.5 cm (unframed)

For Sale: Yes

Prints: No