Japan Friends (2016)

Japan Friends by Bronwen MacDonald (2016)


Eternal Regret (2015)

Eternal Regret by Bronwen MacDonald (2015)

Title: Eternal Regret Medium: Watercolour and ink on paper Size: 22.9 x 30.5 cm

Sybillae Umbrae (2017)

Coralie Preliminary Drawing (2017)

With All My Heart (2016)

With All My Heart (2016)

Ares Borghese (2015)

Ares Borghese by Bronwen MacDonald (2015)

  Title: Ares Borghese Medium: Graphite pencil on paper Size: A4

Antinous Mondragone (2014)

Antinous Mondragone by Bronwen MacDonald (2014)

  Title: Antinous Mondragone Medium: Graphite pencil on paper Size: 19.2 × 26.6 cm