Copy-work – Bargue Plate I, 3

I suppose that in many ways I am rather old-fashioned. I love doing copy-work, whether that is writing out Latin or doing cast study copies. This curriculum developed by Charles Bargue are a series of plates that were designed for students to copy. The intention is to prepare both the eye and hand for working on drawing plaster casts / sculptures in situ and then moving on to working with live models. 

It usually takes me two or three days to get through a single plate (thanks to my money job and my own children). There are 70 plates in Part I, 67 in Part II and 60 pose templates in Part III. I’m going to try to see if I can get through all of them this year, then finish it off with using the templates to make some original drawings of my own, showing everything that I’ve learnt.

Copy-work – Bargue Plate I, 3


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