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A Look at the Ancient Lyre;
Ancient Greece, Inspiration

A Look at the Ancient Lyre

Golden lyre, rightful joint possession of Apollo and the violet-haired Muses, to which the dance-step listens, the beginning of splendid festivity; and singers obey your notes, whenever, with your quivering strings, you prepare to strike up chorus-leading preludes. You quench even the warlike thunderbolt of everlasting fire. (Pindar, Pythian, Poem 1)   The lyre is an instrument from …

Self-Portrait by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Artists, Inspiration

Inspiration: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Biography Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was born in the Netherlands in 1936. Even though he was Dutch, he is more renowned for the work he produced with the Royal Academy in London. A contemporary of Lord Leighton and Godward, his realistic paintings often depict scenes from the Ancient Greco-Roman world. He was also famous for being …

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