INKtober 2015 – Week 1

INKtober is well underway. This is my first year attempting the challenge and it’s been a good deal of fun. It’s definitely a bigger time investment than the sketching challenge I did last month but that’s good. It’s helping me […]

21 Day Sketching Challenge 2015

Earlier in the year I jumped on the chance to get a special rate for a lifetime membership to It is a video based art tutorial community that offers a number of video tutorials, challenges and has a private […]

Eternal Regret – Inking

Eternal Regret (WIP Inks) by Bronwen MacDonald 2015

  Last week I finished reworking the composition of my vampire piece. Thanks to the feedback from my mentor, Angela Sasser, I was able to fix several problems. The first of which was how boxy the top and bottom laurel […]

Ghost Samurai

Ghost Samurai by Bronwen MacDonald (2015)

  Title: Ghost Samurai Medium: Ink on paper Size: A4 (unframed) For Sale: Yes (note that original has pale blue pencil sketch under the ink work) Prints: No

Ksenia Anske

Ksenia Anske by Bronwen MacDonald (2015)

Title: Ksenia Anske Medium: Ink on paper Size: 29.7 × 21.0 cm (unframed) For Sale: Yes Prints: No

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer by Bronwen MacDonald (2104)

Title: Amanda Palmer Medium: Ink and marker on watercolour paper Size: 29.7 × 21.0 cm (unframed) For Sale: No Prints: No