Bonsai from Mikuni

I found myself looking over some photos that my mother took when my parents were over here in Japan in April and May. My father has always been a bonsai fan, and one of the earliest exposures I had of Japan was from a bonsai book that we had at home. I think that I might try and work of few of these into my drawings and painting, but for now they are just too cool not to share.

IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8201 IMG_8204 IMG_8208 IMG_8213 IMG_8198 IMG_8199

3 thoughts on “Bonsai from Mikuni

  1. very cool! hoe did you grow the pine tree inside the pine cone?
    did it just grew like that or did you do it?
    really trying to understand how to do it and cant find it.

    1. We bought the pinecone ones from the bonsai shop in Mikuni. I think that they just harvest the cones and plant them, then once the sprout has grown enough they brush way most of the soil to leave it exposed.

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